Started making a body surfing hand plane,was copying one made by Grain Surfboards,when this doofus thought i was making him a surfboard,i did want to break his heart, so i told him it was a surfboard and it was for him,never seen him so happy,he started using words like dude and righteous, it was getting pretty ugly. I am about half way done, need to finish the bottom,cant find any pictures on line of the bottom of these things,so i am going to wing it. Had the overall dimensions from Grains website,so i printed out a picture and used Algebra for the first time since high school,to figure out the other half dozen dimensions,those thousand of hours of math classes have really paid off,my math teacher is probably very proud of me,along with my wood shop teacher,for making all of these stupid projects,my English teacher,not so much so,two out of three aint bad.


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