Hippopotamus nose hairs

maxresdefault (1)

Daniel Insidious, hippopotamus nose hair picker,first day on the job,also last day on the job.

IMG_0507IMG_0506IMG_0505IMG_0503IMG_0502Handmade shaving stand,made of ash and mahogany, holds a razor and a badger hair shaving brush,started thinking how they came up with badger hair,of all the millions of species of animals in the world,they choose badger hair,there must of been some trial and error over the years,so i decided to do some research into it,what i found out was quite surprising ,from the early seventeen hundreds until as late as the early nineteen hundreds ,the hair of choice was hippopotamus nose hairs ,see picture below,even to this day ,it is far superior to badger hair,but badgers are 18″-20″ long and weigh about 25 pounds,on the other hand a hippo weighs as much as 4000 pounds and can run up to 19 miles per hour,making the hippo a tad more challenging to pluck the nose hairs from,they are protected animals,so you could not shoot them, and then pluck there nose hairs.There were a few options used,one was to overpower the hippo,this option typical failed,trying to overpower a 4000 pound animal that is solid muscle and can run as fast as Usain Bolt,kinda looks like Usain Bolt,caused lots of injuries and many deaths over the years.The other option was to distract the hippo,this was probably the most successful method,but still many were injured,and killed,the last option,was to tell a hippo joke,usually starting off with a line like “two hippos walked into a bar”, with a number of variation to the punchline,this was quite successful for a number of years,but hippos are quit intelligent animals,and after a while once they heard that first line,they knew what was to follow,and usually killed the nose hair picker.So in the early eighteen hundreds, they formed a hippopotamus nose hair picker union,which was going to offer more training an make it a safer profession. The union ,was quite successful ,cutting down on deaths and injuries by over 50%,but still hundreds were killed and injured,so the search was on for a safer animal to acquire hair from,smaller,slower,weaker,and after hundreds of species were tried over the years badger hair became the hair of choice ,never matching hippopotamus nose hair for quality,but still a good quality choice,and a lot safer.

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